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Have you shopped at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore? It’s a great home improvement store, selling new and gently used, donated household items at fantastic prices. There’s one near you in Fort Walton Beach. The ReStore is a place where individuals can donate household items they no longer need, such as furniture. If someone is remodeling, they may have gently used appliances, leftover tile, light fixtures, paint or even a kitchen sink. Builders can donate their leftover construction materials, such as doors, cabinets, windows, vanities, sinks, tile, paint, light fixtures, hardware and more. You can benefit from the donated items being sold in the ReStore. If you just moved to a new home or if you’re remodeling your current home, buying everything new at a big box store can be costly. Shopping at the FWB ReStore offers an affordable home improvement store option where you’ll get more for your money.
habitat for humanity restore
Maybe you want new décor for your home – a picture, a lamp, or an area rug. ReStore has plenty of choices for you to consider, and the prices are low. When you shop at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore or give donations, you help a deserving family move out of substandard housing into a new home. Remember, if you have gently used household items you no longer want, please bring them to the FWB ReStore so that they can be resold to someone who needs those items. Also, let ReStore be the first home improvement store you stop in when you need something for your home.

Donate to Recycle – Shop to Save.